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      "You mean, do you not? that I've no right to say what can only distress you."

      There were one or two early riders on the tan-laid course, and after awhile, she stopped, and with her hand resting lightly on the iron rail, watched them as they rode by. Presently she saw, approaching the spot where she stood, a lady and gentleman, and something about them attracted her attention. The gentleman was tall and slim, and singularly handsome, but not with the beauty of the barbers wax figure, though his features were almost as regular. He was dark, with grave and rather sad eyes; and he rode a hard-looking chestnut.

      Trafford stood stock-still for a moment, then he too drew his revolver.All there is of it? Why, what more do you want, child? demanded Lady Wyndover.

      I dont think much of this for a view, she said.

      The hearer lifted and dropped both arms: "Oh!--to be continued!"You have made me very happy, he said; I trust that you will soon make me happier, by telling me that you will be my wife.

      CHAPTER XXII.Yes, and you, too, I hope, he said. See, here are half a dozen good men and true, to engage you for a partner.


      Varley, for it was he, walked to the hut and entered.


      If its medicine, Im sure I wont, said Esmeralda, emphatically. Ive never had any since I got the measles; and this business cant be as bad as that!